Kalapova Healthcare PhlebotomyTraining – Sofia, Bulgaria

Kalapova Healthcare has been offering Phlebotomy Training Sofia CoursesWe are based at Sofia and having the highest standard of Phlebotomy training Sofia. A part of NHS – UK Maxis Healthcare and Kalapova Healthcare are the only one who offer the proper phlebotomy training with real patients on live blood sessions at the NHS – UK settings..

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full range of Phlebotomy

Our comprehensive Phlebotomy training courses cover a full range of Phlebotomy Competency skills set by NHS – UK. As the leading experts for Phlebotomy Training London and Sofia , We at Maxis Healthcare andKalapova Healthcareare committed to providing our students with outstanding results. Not only are our courses informative and professional, but we also ensure that our candidates have fun and enjoy their time learning with us. Kalapova Healthcare’s highly skilled, experienced tutors employ a variety of interactive phlebotomy training methods to keep students interested and involved with the learning process.

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